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Since 1954

Since 1954, Community Children’s Theatre of Dutchess County has been committed to one simple mission: to share the magic of live musical theatre with children.  Somewhere along the way, CCT became so much more than that.  Behind the scenes, new skills have been developed; during rehearsal, talent has been uncovered and cultivated.  On stage, fairy tales have come to life before the young eyes of mesmerized audiences.  Throughout it all, strangers have become friends, friends have become family.  The memories created by CCT hold value beyond measure, and would not be possible without the many individuals who have shared their energy and enthusiasm over the years.  At a time when it has become increasingly difficult to find affordable arts programs in the community, especially those that encourage family involvement, CCT is committed to exactly that: family and community.  As a non-profit, all volunteer organization, CCT is entirely fueled by parents, neighbors, grandparents, colleagues, siblings and cousins, all working side by side.   Whether performing on stage, handing out programs or applauding from the wings between moving sets, everyone involved with CCT lends a hand.  Despite all the “plot twists” that go along with putting on a production, the props somehow make their way to the stage, the actors improvise something that resembles their lines, the lighting cues find their way into the scene...and the show always goes on.   

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We are a Community encouraging family members to come together to create cherished memories as you work together, on and off stage, to put on a quality show that will delight young audiences and the whole community.


To create productions that involve the entire family to entertain children and families throughout the Hudson Valley and provide mentorship to family members of all ages who are interested in any aspect of the performance arts.  

SPring Show Dates

Cinderella's Glass Slipper

Show Dates: APRIL 27th & 28th, 2018 

Stay tuned for more details. 

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James and the Giant Peach : The Musical ACT 1

James and the Giant Peach : The Musical ACT 2