Exclusive producer

$1000/Show OR $1500/Season

Our Producer will receive the following advertising, in addition to supporting CCT:

-Logo/Name included as Producer on Show Promotional Material, including but not limited to posters, flyers, t-shirts, and press releases.

-Logo/Name included as Producer on front cover of programs given to audience members.

-1-page ad in the program

-Digital copy of a coupon you can print and distribute, offering $2 off the price of tickets to the show(s) you produce, naming you as Producer.

-Exclusivity as the only sponsor of your business type for that/those show(s).

Sponsorship levels

Set Sponsor - $500/Show

Lobby sign, listing on show flyers, full-page program ad

Costume Sponsor - $300/Show

Lobby sign, full-page program ad

Cast Party Sponsor - $200/Show OR $350/Season

Lobby sign, full-page program ad

Concessions Sponsor - $150/Show OR $250/Season

Lobby sign at Concessions, 1/2-page program ad

'Kiss the Cast' Sponsor - $100/Show OR $175/Season

Lobby sign at 'Kiss the Cast' table, 1/4-page program ad

Hospitality Sponsor - $100/Show OR $175/Season

Lobby sign, 1/4-page program ad


Full-page ad

5.5" x 8"


1/2-page ad

5.5" x 4.25"


1/4-page ad

5.5" x 2"


Business Card

3" x 2"


Block ad

2" x 2"